Looking for a major that leads to a variety of career options? Looking for answers to questions such as: why are there so many ongoing conflicts in the United States and in the world? What can be done to combat crime? What can be done to reduce discrimination? Why is the divorce rate high? What does the opposite sex want in a relationship? What can be done to enhance community? What is really going on with the environment? Why do people spend more money than they have? What can I do to make a difference? Sociology at Jacksonville University is a flexible major that provides students with diverse interests the tools that they need to achieve their career goals.

In small classes and with opportunities to obtain internships and to receive personalized instruction from four professionals in the field ā€“ Dr. Nathan Rousseau, Dr. Heather Downs, Dr. Laura Chambers, and Ms. Shelley Grant ā€“ students graduating with a degree in Sociology from Jacksonville University are prepared for careers in social services, health services, public relations, education, social justice, criminal justice, or for graduate study in social work, public administration, ministry, law, and of course, sociology.

The Sociology major requires the completion of 33 credit hours including Introduction to Sociology, Research Methods, and Social Theory. Students fulfill 18 of the 33 credit hours by choosing from a wide selection of courses such as: Marriage & Family; Sex, Drugs, & Rock nā€™ Roll; Juvenile Delinquency; Organized Crime; Green Societies; Conflict & Nonviolence; Religious Cultures.  For a complete listing of courses click this link. For a listing of the core and major course requirements needed to graduate with a degree in Sociology click this link

For additional information, contact the department coordinator, Dr. Nathan Rousseau, (904)256-7223 or email nrousse@ju.edu.

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